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  Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) & French Major

The Bachelor of Business and Administration with Major option in French aims to provide a sound training in the French language and to dispense a solid understanding of France's contemporary society and culture.
The three-year BBA curriculum combines with the following courses from the BA Major in French.
Students wishing to enrol the BBA-French major must first complete two First Year Introductory courses (12 credits). In the Second and Third years, students must complete 3 courses respectively (18 credits), as follows:

Code Course title Sem. Credits
First year
FREN1001. French I.1 1 6
FREN1002. French I.2 2 6
Second year
FREN2001. French II.1 1 6
FREN2002. French II.2 2 6
FREN2027 French culture & society 2 6
FREN2028. Frenchiconic figures and cultural grammar 2 6
Third year
FREN3001. French III.1 1 6
FREN3002 French III.2 2 6
AND, any 6-credit course chosen among the following electives:

FREN3021 Francophone literatures and identities (6 credits)
FREN3022 French and Francophone cinema (6 credits)
FREN3023 Media watch: Tracking French news (6 credits)
FREN3024 Modern French literature (6 credits)
FREN3025 French-speaking comic strip culture (6 credits)
FREN3026 Conveying otherness: French imaginings of Asia (6 credits)
FREN3027 Decoding commercials in French (6 credits)
FREN3028 The art of brevity in French (6 credits)
FREN3030 Guided writing in French (6 credits)
FREN3031 Maupassant’s short stories (6 credits)
FREN3032 French in the economic context (6 credits)
FREN3119 Overseas immersion language course – French (6 credits)

Note : students who choose to major in French must also choose one of the following business majors: Finance; Human Resources Management; Information Systems; Marketing.

see BBA programme from the Faculty of Business and Economics

BA French timetable 2012-2013

Dates of Semesters 2012-2013

Students from the Faculty of Business and Economics studying in the BBA programme may opt for the BBA-French major stream. This programme aims at combining the Bachelor of Business Administration offered in the Faculty of Business and Economics with a range of courses selected from the BA French major. The intention is to provide BBA students with an intensive training in French which will enhance their competitiveness upon graduation.

The programme enjoys strong support from the Consulate General of France and the French Chamber o f Commerce and Industry in Hong Kong. It is also closely connected to the French corporate community in the region through its links to the French Trade Advisors Committee (Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur - CCE), an official local body set up by the French Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

Once engaged in the programme, undergraduates may expect support under various forms throughout the 3-year curriculum: information sharing, seminars, visits to French companies, internships, scholarships, short or longer stays in France, exchange schemes with partner institutions in France. Finally, graduates may expect that their prospects of employment in a French company will be greatly enhanced.

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