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French at HKU e-Learning  

This website produced by HKU's teaching team is recommended to early learners of French, but more advanced students may also find it useful. It features pages of phonetic, grammar, vocabulary and situational dialogues augmented with audio files.
A brief history of France The making of France through a chronology of essential events, augmented with 6 slide series and a fullier account divided into chapters discussing the main periods of French history. Written in French by D.C. Meyer.

Videos This page presents a range of original video footages and visual works produced by the HKU French team. Includes various stories, interviews of French-speaking Hong Kong residents and documentaries.

France, the Outsider's Gaze A series of videos featuring HKU's students and their travels to France. This project was developed through a Teaching Development Grant in collaboration with the HKU Centre for Advancement of University Teaching (CAUT).

From Chinese to French

How do we say this in French ? A selection of around 100 basic simple sentences in Chinese and how they transfer into French (with audio files).


French proverbs

A selection of well-known French proverbs with their equivalent in English. The page is augmented with audio files.


This website provides an introduction to various aspects of contemporary France: citizenship, education system, customs, festivals, etiquette, as well as politics and economy.


This website looks at France from the two standpoints of time and space: history and territory.


This website offers a brief anthology of the "chanson française" from the early days to present.


The world of media and the advertising industry in France is mapped out in this series of documents.


French Literature of the 19th & 20th c. This website provides a concise introduction to major writers and literary styles of the recent period.

This website investigates the way French writers, essayists, artists and travellers, through their depictions and narrations of encounters, have seen Asia and its peoples.

La Vie des Verbes A lighthearted discussion of a range of French verbs selected for their particular color and fabric. The website also comprizes a glossary of rhetorical figures and tropes.



on Inter-comprehension

Symposium: Contextualizing Intercomprehension Strategies in Hong Kong Foreign Language Classes, University of Hong Kong, April 12, 2014.
France and China - 2008

France and China Conference 2008 - Cultural and Educational Perspectives, an international conference held at the University of Hong Kong.

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