The objective of this series of ten lessons is to provide a concise introduction to the sound system of French and the main features that characterize its pronunciation. Beginners in French will find these lessons particularly helpful, as they will be led through a number of problem areas that usually cause learners the greatest difficulties. We hope that learners at a more advanced stage will also be able to benefit from these tutorials.

Fiche 1
Rythme, intonation et accentuation
Fiche 2
Les sons du français
Fiche 3
La graphie « E »
Fiche 4
[i] , [y] , [u] et les semi-voyelles
Fiche 5
Les voyelles nasales (Première partie)
Fiche 6
Les voyelles nasales (Deuxième partie)
Fiche 7
La consonne [R]
Fiche 8
La sonorité des consonnes
Fiche 9
Fiche 10

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