French For Beginners
par Olivier Malet


Chapter Twenty-Four


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If you are asked a negative question and the answer is yes or no, French makes another distinction that English doesn’t make:

- Tu parles français?
- Oui, je parle français.
- Non, je ne parle pas français.
Do you speak French? Yes I speak French; No, I don’t speak French

- Tu ne parles pas français?
- Si
, je parle français.
- Non, je ne parle pas français.
Don’t you speak French? Yes, I speak French; No, I don’t speak French

> Listen to the following questions and answer them using 'si'

- Tu ne parles pas anglais?
- Si, je parle anglais!
Don’t you speak English? Yes, I speak English!

- Tu n’attends pas?
- Si, j’attends!
Aren’t you waiting? Yes, I’m waiting!

- Tu ne réponds pas?
- Si, je réponds!
Don’t you answer? Yes, I answer!

- Tu n’arrives pas demain?
- Si, j’arrive demain!
Aren’t you arriving tomorrow? Yes, I’m arriving tomorrow!

- Tu n’entres pas?
- Si, j’entre!
Aren’t you coming in? Yes, I’m coming in!

- Tu ne pars pas tout de suite?
- Si, je pars tout de suite!
Aren’t you leaving right away? Yes, I’m leaving right away!

- Tu ne sors pas maintenant?
- Si, je sors maintenant!
Aren’t you going out now? Yes, I’m going out now!

- Tu ne descends pas ici?
- Si, je descends ici!
Aren’t you getting off here? Yes, I’m getting off here!

- Tu n’es pas Belge?
- Si, je suis Belge!
Aren’t you Belgian? Yes, I am Belgian!

- Tu n’es pas suisse?
- Si, je suis suisse!
Aren’t you Swiss? Yes, I am Swiss!

- Tu n’habites pas ici?
- Si, j’habite ici!
Don’t you live here? Yes, I live here!

- Tu n’aimes pas ça?
- Si, j’aime ça!
Don’t you like that? Yes, I like that!


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