The Outsider's Gaze
Learner-centred video materials for European languages

The Outsider's Gaze is a set of three DVDs designed for Asian students of Spanish, French and German. The project employs constructivist principles to the development of language learning materials.

For students in Hong Kong and China, European languages present problems of relevance and contextualisation: textbooks and available videos are invariably produced from the point of view of the insider (native speaker) and it is difficult for Asian students to connect the language learning experience with their own experiences.

In these programs we view European languages and cultures through the eyes of a group of learners from Hong Kong..
The programs were produced in Europe in the Summer of 2001 and have been extensively tested and evaluated with students at the University of Hong Kong.

Select one of the images above to view quarter-screen versions of the video programs together with transcripts in the original languages.


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