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Basic phonetics (with audio files). This series of tutorials provides a concise introduction to the sound system of French and the main features that characterize its pronunciation. Beginners in French will find these lessons particularly helpful.


Essential vocabulary (with audio files). This series of tutorials introduces a range of vocabulary of about 700 words most used in the early stages of the learning of French. The selection is augmented with short situational examples and divided into four categories : substantives, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.


Situations of communication (with audio files). This series of texts presents a range of situational dialogues drawn from everyday life. These texts will be useful to students, as they will find many colloquial expressions and acts of speech frequently used by French speakers in ordinary conversation.


Basic grammar (with audio files). This series of tutorials covers a range of grammatical points which play a central role in the early stages of the learning of French. The various cases are approached in a descriptive way, with an emphasis on illustrative examples rather than prescriptive rules.


This page presents a variety of video footages and visual works produced by the HKU French team. Various stories, interviews of French-speaking Hong Kong residents and documentaries are featured here.

French for beginners

These pages offer a discussion on important points that beginners in French are faced with when starting learning the language. The originality of the discussion (in 28 chapters) lies in the fact that grammatical features are treated from a phonological standpoint. Includes audio files.

The Outsider's Gaze

A series of videos for French language exploration, filmed in France with HKU students. Produced by the University of Hong Kong Interactive Media Group and the HKU French Team, Language Centre, 2003.

From Chinese to French

How do we say this in French ? A selection of around 100 basic structures in Chinese and how they transfer into French (with audio files).

Grammar Online

These pages written in English provide straightforward explanations of a number of basic French grammatical features.

History of France

The making of France through a chronology of essential events, 6 slide series and a fullier account divided into chapters discussing the main periods of French history.


A selection of well-known French proverbs with audio files.

Festivals in France

The main festive events in France throughout the year with a brief explanation of their origins and related customs.



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