The objective of this series of 12 audio tutorials is to summarize a range of essential grammatical aspects which play a central role in the early stages of the learning of French. The various cases are approached in a descriptive way, with an emphasis on illustrative examples rather than prescriptive rules. We hope that this selection will help students to enhance their understanding of the basic language structures and to improve their accuracy in terms of communicative skills. Each chapter may be studied independently, the sequence below doesn't imply a particular order to follow.


Fiche 1
Fiche 2
Fiche 3
Déterminants : articles définis, indéfinis, partitifs et contractés
Fiche 4
Prépositions : "À", "EN", "DE" et "CHEZ" 
Fiche 5
Pronoms 1 : personnels et réfléchis
Fiche 6
Pronoms 2 : "Y" et "EN"
Fiche 7
Pronoms relatifs : "QUI", "QUE" et "OÙ" 
Fiche 8
Adjectifs possessifs
Fiche 9
Futur et Intention : "aller" + Infinitif
Fiche 10
Passé composé et Imparfait  
Fiche 11
Durée : "depuis", "il y a", "pendant", "dans", "pour"
Fiche 12
Gérondif : actions simultanées


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Written by Denis C. Meyer | Sound Editor : J.O. Perche | Web Installation : D.C. Meyer
Voice contributors : M.H. Arnauld; J.L. Bonefacino; J.O. Perche
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