Marie et Sarah à Hong Kong

J.O. Perche

Marie and Sarah spent several years in Hong Kong in the late 90s, they went to school there and enjoyed their time in this multi-faceted metropolis. Six years on, they visit the city for a short trip and look back at this period of their life, acknowledging the changes and wondering if Hong Kong will not be part of their lives for ever, after all.





Monie graduated from HKU just a while ago, she is now popping up often on TV, radios and magazines as a singer, model and actress. Her first album of songs will be released this summer. She has kindly agreed to speak to us about her experience as a French learner, her stay in France and her plans for the near future.


J.O. Perche


Chong is a final year Engineering student at HKU. He spent most of his youth in Paris and came to Hong Kong three years ago to complete his undergraduate studies. Chong speaks about the cultural differences he's been experiencing over the years.


J.O. Perche
Nigel Bruce


Nigel Bruce teaches English at the University of Hong Kong. He speaks about France and Hong Kong, both of which he knows very well.




J.O. Perche
J.L. Bonefacino

Actor, director of a theater company, Jean-Luc Bonefacino speaks about his job, France and Hong Kong.


J.O. Perche



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Isabelle et Jacques

Jacques is a French photographer. Isabelle is a student in French. They meet each other.



J.O. Perche

Documentaires [video-images]
Voyage en France, 2012 A short 12' visual document on various parts of France, including Paris, Normandy, South-Western region, Provence and Nancy. DC. Meyer
P.J, a Detective Story Get a sense of the thriller the French way through a dozen of edited excerpts and text transcriptions of the successful series PJ (Police Judiciaire) which has been showing on TV over the last decade or so. R. Agasse,
J.O. Perche & DC Meyer
Voyage en Provence
Six video footages showing various places in wonderful Provence : old villages in Vaucluse and Luberon, the cultural city of Avignon, the eclectic Marseille and a few glimpses of Menton, close to Italy.
DC. Meyer


A Car Ride in Paris
Six video footages showing various districts of the capital. Starting off in the western part at Saint-Cloud, ride along the Seine river banks, the Quartier Latin, the Invalides, the Trocadero etc.
DC. Meyer


L'Amour des Vraies Voitures
A short and nostalgic voyage into the great automobiles of the 50s and 60s. Music thanks to Sylvie Vartan : 2'35 de bonheur.

J.O. Perche

Le Pont des Arts 
[QT, 4,72MB]
A casual walk across the Seine river, on one of the most celebrated, romantic bridges of Paris, le Pont des Arts. J.L. Bonefacino & J.O. Perche
[QT, 9,14MB]
A short trip in the métro, Paris' subway, which first line opened in 1900. Share for a while the routine of thousands of commuters underground.
Le supermarché 
[QT, 5,51MB]
Hundreds of products and consumers. | script

D.C. Meyer


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Le boulanger
[QT, 4,68MB]
A few minutes with the bread maker. | script
Vins de Bourgogne
[QT, 2,61MB]
A short visit to the wine seller. | script
Jour de marché 
[QT, 18,41MB]
In Provence (southern France), vegetables, the olives sellers, roasting the chicken, lavender and sunflowers. | script

A short presentation of the origin of Chinese script and characters.
France 5
Le Territoire de la Chine
A discussion on how the Chinese see their land and themselves from a historical perspective. France 5
Combat de criquets
In Beijing, the long-lasting tradition of cricket fighting. France 5
Un matin dans les hutong
An early morning stroll in the antiques market in Beijing. France 5

Sur le net _______

TV5, the international French speaking television channel and a true wealth of resources.
France 24, the new international television channel in English.
Canal Plus, TV channel.
Radio France Internationale, features live news broadcast in English and French.
"Le Journal en français facile", from Radio France Internationale, the news broadcasted everyday in easy French...
Radio France Internationale Musique : keep posted on news and developments of the musical scene in France.
France Info, live news broadcast around the clock.
Radio France, access the main French radio channels.
Radio Suisse Romande, alternative French-speaking radio from Switzerland.
France Culture, the authoritative radio channel live broadcast of the cultural scene in France.
Radio Nova, trendy live music throughout, news and pleasant readings.
Le mouv : Live broadcast of rock music and news on this channel from the midst of Radio France group.
Créée en 1997, Demain.TV est un service multimédia dédié à l'emploi, à la formation, à la reprise d'activité, à l'entreprise, à l'initiative et au développement économique local.
Arte Radio, a collection of unconventional audio clips dealing with a wide range of topics.




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